Friday, December 16, 2016

New Paperback Editions Available, and Kindle Unlimited Ebooks

Just a heads-up about Books 5 & 6 -- paperback editions of Girl Takes The Oath and Girl Rides The Wind are now available in time for Christmas. These would make great presents for the Adventure-Espionage-Thriller lover in your life. There's still plenty of time for orders to arrive and fit under the tree.

I'm almost done with Book 7, Girl Goes To Wudang, and though it's taken longer than I expected, it may well turn out to be the best book in the entire series. Emily is posted to the Defense Attaché's office at the US Embassy in Beijing. She is thrust into the middle of several intrigues, and must determine if it's safe to return Li Li to China and her uncle, Jiang Xi, who has requested a reunion, now that he's getting married.

Also, in a change of policy, Amazon has made it possible for me to offer all six Emily Kane Adventures through the Kindle Unlimited program. What this means is that for a small monthly fee, you can borrow all six ebooks effectively for free. The downside of the KU program is that I have to make the ebooks exclusive to Amazon. If this turns out to inconvenience too many of Emily's fans, I will reconsider participation in the program in 6 months.

As always, I welcome any feedback you may care to offer on this program, or any aspect of the series.


  1. Any updated on when you will be done? Don't hurry it. Late is better than rushed. But I have been going to Amazon on a regular basis to check.......

    1. Thanks, Trevin, for the support.

      I am writing as quickly as I can, rest assured. But we're at least two or three weeks away. Emily and Li Li are currently 'on the lam' in the hinterlands of China. As with Tinkerbell, we all need to pitch in to rescue them. If only Connie could help...

    2. Connie is one of the best characters. If she can I am sure she will help. If only by cheering from the sidelines.

  2. FYI
    I got this email from Michiko Tenno:

    'I just finished the last chapter of Book 7, Girl Goes To Wudang, and you can't imagine the relief I feel to have brought such a complex narrative to a successful close. Now, it's off to my editor, my beta reader, then the proofreader, and finally the formatter -- all of which should take about a week. So, look for the book to be available before the end of January (fingers crossed!). And keep your eyes peeled for the email announcement.

    Thanks again for your patience. '

  3. Great to know the wait won't be long anymore!
    Thank you for your update and off course for your great work!
    I always enjoy (re)reading Emilys adventures.

    1. Book 7 is out! And it will be discounted 50% through Sunday. After that it goes to the regular price of $5.99.

      I apologize for taking so long to finish it, and for not getting an announcement out sooner. I'll post about it this afternoon. But until then, ENJOY!