Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Character name

Just a head's up to all Emily Kane fans. I've had to make a change to the name of an ongoing character, for technical reasons. In Girl Takes The Oath, Emily faces a Chinese Colonel in the Marine Mud Brawl at Quantico. Originally this character was named Jiao Long, in part because his name contains a reference to a dragon. But in Girl Goes To Wudang, it's become clear that his name should be Feng Long, both because this is more suggestive of martial arts, but also because it makes sense of an ongoing play on words, namely that he is the "swift dragon."

Part of the problem is that the name Jiao was transliterated according to an out of date rule for alphabetizing Chinese characters, and if read now by Chinese speakers, would not have the connotations I was looking for. I had considered changing it to the more current 'Pinying' spelling as Zhou, but this would be too similar to another character's name, and would suggest a different meaning. In the end, Feng seems to be the best choice.

I've gone back to make the change in the files for the earlier book so that it will be consistent with the newer one. This means, if you'd like to have the updated version of Book 5, you may need to re-download it from Amazon or B&N or Kobo or iTunes. But don't do it just yet. I will upload the adjusted version as soon as the Book 7 is released.

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