Tuesday, July 23, 2013

End of the Road--An Anthology of Shorts Stories

It's out at last, the book you've been waiting for, the End of the Road, a great new anthology of short stories by some of the finest writing talents of the day!

And best of all, it's FREE!

You can pick up yours at Smashwords right now. Just follow this link to download a free copy, compatible with any e-reader on the market today.

The collection crosses all genres, and includes big stars, like Russell Blake, Saxon Andrew, Brandon Hale, Traci Tyne Hilton and, Michael Meyer, just to name a few. There are thrillers, romances, paranormal tales, zombies, you name it.

Here's the table of contents, so you can see who's stories are included.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Kiss at the End of the Road, by Brandon Hale
Chapter 2: A Touch of Cold, by Robert Thomas
Chapter 3: Clay, by Russell Blake
Chapter 4: Waiting In Line, by James Rozoff
Chapter 5: Traveling Companions, by Anna J. McIntyre
Chapter 6: Nowheresville, by Donna B. McNicol
Chapter 7: One More Mile, by Dale Roberts
Chapter 8: The Zombie Pestilence, by Randall Morris
Chapter 9: The Last Hours of Brandon Kratz, by James Rozoff
Chapter 10: The Savior, by Alison Blake
Chapter 11: Death of the Senator, by Stephen Arseneault
Chapter 12: The Long Road Home, by Jeanette Raleigh
Chapter 13: Joint Venture, by L. S. Burton
Chapter 14: Sherdan’s Road, by Jess Mountifield
Chapter 15: Living Ink, by Shirley Bourget
Chapter 16: Anywhere, by C.A. Newsome
Chapter 17: Natural Selection, by J R C Salter
Chapter 18: Because I Love You, by Michael Meyer
Chapter 19: Holmgang, by E.B. Boggs
Chapter 20: Young Chef’s Regret, by David A. Cuban
Chapter 21: The Sinkhole, by Scott Langrel
Chapter 22: Sans Cinderella, by Traci Tyne Hilton
Chapter 23: Hilda’s Song, by John Daulton
Chapter 24: Sinners in Church, by Kathleen Steed
Chapter 25: Once We Were Children, by Chris Ward
Chapter 26: Despair, by Doug Hayes
Chapter 27: The High Road to the Mountain Gods, by Jacques Antoine
Chapter 28: The Frozen Truth, by Shirley Bourget
Chapter 29: The End of the Road, by Saxon Andrew
Chapter 30: Stalked, by Sherrie Giddens
Chapter 31: Home Now, by Suzie O’Connell
Chapter 32: The Velociraptor at the End of the Road, by Vel R.
Chapter 33: Downfall #1, by Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins