Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Eryn Lockhart, Author of After Midnight

Eryn Lockhart writes romance with plenty of adventure, danger, and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat. None of her heroines are your stereotypical damsel in distress--they're more than capable of saving themselves, and occasionally the hero as well. Her latest novel, After Midnight, is a historical romance set in the Napoleonic period.

You can get it now at Amazon or B & N now, and meet Eryn below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What else do you do besides writing? 

I travel. I've back-packed solo through Europe, spent a month living in Greece, poured over Oxfords University's archives, dived the Caribbean, and toured the Southern United States. When I'm not indulging wanderlust, I'm all for urban exploration--I'll track down karaoke bars to belt out tunes, clubs where I can swing dance, salsa, or tango, or local holes-in-the-wall for some of the best cuisine. When I'm in the mood for a night in, I'll invite friends over for Battle of the Bands on Rockband or dinner & movies, read, play video games, or catch up on Dexter, TrueBlood, or Iron Chef America.

2. How did you first get into writing? 

When I ran out of bed-time stories to read to my younger siblings, I started making up my own...then as my reading tastes changed, what I wrote about also evolved.

3. Tell us about your latest book.

 After Midnight is a thrilling historical romance set against the early Napoleonic Wars and Regency Period, when a war between nations throws two dynamic individuals together on a whirlwind journey from the madness of the French Revolution, to the ballrooms and the underground of London, to the front lines of international espionage. It's an action packed adventure filled with intrigue, humor, passion, and treachery as two fascinating characters find that the path to true love goes hand in hand with a mission that has the power to make or break an empire.

4. Is it part of a larger series? 

No. I do have plans for the secondary characters in the book, but it will be a stand-alone title.

5. What was your inspiration for your book? 

I'm an unrepentant romantic and history buff, and I was fascinated by the beginnings of modern cryptology, some of the more unusual street performers found in London just before the Regency, herbal lore of that day and time, and by the mystery surrounding how the Hope Diamond (previously one of the French Crown jewels), wound up in London following the Revolution.

6. What motivates you to want to write? What do you enjoy about it? 

As far as motivation, I need to write. I have to write--it's not something I could stop. Admittedly, the story doesn't always come to me as easily as I'd like, but it's there, waiting to be told. What I enjoy about writing is creation--the magic of taking an empty page and building a world with nothing more than words. I love telling a story, exploring the dynamics of human relationships, and crafting a tale that will take readers on a journey far removed from their everyday lives. I adore the sense of satisfaction when I see it all coming together, and the triumph when the journey is complete.

7. Do you have any advice for new writers about perfecting their craft? 

Write what you love, and in a style you feel comfortable with--then make sure you have a few trusted friends or family who will always give you their honest opinion on what you have created. Constructive feedback is critical, as well as a fresh set of eyes. There were so many things in my story that I'd thought I'd fixed, or explained... it took someone else to point out the gaps between what I saw in my mind, and what was actually on the page.


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