Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sneak Peak Short Story, a Preview of The New Series

New release by the Amaterasu Press, a first installment of the post-apocalyptic series, Taking Back Earth. It's available now only on Amazon, and free to Amazon Prime members through the Kindle Unlimited program. It's only ~10 pages long, which isn't much to get for $0.99 (which is the lowest price Amazon allows), so I recommend only getting it through the Kindle Unlimited program, since then it's effectively free to you.

In the jungles of a broken planet, Maia is still haunted by the people she's lost. She can't risk allowing Noah to get close to her... not the way things are. 

When the aliens came they destroyed everything and everyone in their path, and to defeat them, mankind had to make itself into something else... something fiercer, more violent... less human. Rebuilding the planet may require more than just hard work. It may depend on rediscovering what it is to be human. This is Maia's task. 

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