Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog Award !!!!

I was musing on the Thanksgiving Day festivities about to commence chez moi, when I happened to turn on my computer and discover that I had received a Blog Award. Whoa!

You can imagine how thrilled I am about this. My dogs are howling in the background at the news. I was recognized by fellow author Spencer Brokaw, who was in turn recognized by fellow author Emerald Barnes, who was in turn recognized by D. J. Lutz, etc. Okay, so it's sort of a chain letter, but without all the manipulative mysticism, and with some genuinely good sentiments towards others

The award is limited to blogs with less than 200 followers (I'm good on that score!) and to unknown writers (as a writer I am soooo unknown!). Woohoo!

And there are 5 conditions of the award:

1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award. I am happy to thank Spencer Brokaw, a fine young man and precocious writer. Go check out his book linked on the top of my homepage!
2. Give the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers, and let them know by posting a comment on their blog. My honorees are listed at the bottom of this post.
3. Post the award on your blog. I will do this when I remember how to do it.
4. Bask in the love of the most supportive group on the Internet -- aint that the truth. No one loves ya like other writers. I guess we share each others pain.
5. Have fun and spread the karma, 'cause what goes around, comes around! 

Happy thanksgiving, everybody! Enjoy your turkey, or tofurkey! At my house we're having a really big fish.

Here are my five, favorite, little, unknown bloggers:

1. Ben R. Smith--okay, he's a crank, but an interesting crank. Crank on!

2. Neil D. Ostroff's Always Writing, an insightful blog about writing and the publishing industry.

3. Ben Goshko, author of The Book Of The Nine Ides. He's wonderfully talented, and like his blog, he packs a lot into a few words!

4. Alle Wells, writer, foodie, vegan. She's a writer first, a chef second, and a blogger third. 

5. And finally, Museathighwayspeeds, also known as @ragesinggoddess on twitter.

Go check 'em all out. 

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