Monday, August 22, 2011

New Cover art for Go No Sen

OMG! Just got the new cover for Go No Sen. I think it looks tremendous. You can see there on the left before the cover for Sen No Sen. It was done by James Junior, who seems to have been inspired by the task of creating the kanji for the title. He also created a wonderful image: a girl in a striking position, reminiscent of a Shotokan kata, perhaps Heian Yodan, against a beautiful sunset. He really seems to have caught the central themes of the book in this image: fighting (and all the ferocity that entails), but also the meditative side of martial arts that might help someone find a deep sense of identity.

James is starting a cover design business. Here's his website: Jimmy's Portfolio. He has more examples of his work here: graphic design projects for ebook covers . He can be contacted at this address,, or through his website. Thanks again, James, for all your hard work!

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