Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girl Fights Back (Go No Sen) goes live!

My new book, Girl Fights Back (Go No Sen), is live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This is a martial arts - espionage - coming of age thriller.

I'll be serializing it here over the next few weeks, so check back here if you're interested in super karate ninja girl-power stories.

Here's a capsule of the story:

In ancient Greece, one spoke of tolma, the daring that holds itself in reserve, that endures. There is more than one way to control the outcome of a conflict. The one who endures, in not simply seizing the initiative, also dares. The most famous instance of one who dares by holding himself in reserve is the resourceful wanderer, the hero Odysseus.

Sen, in Japanese, the initiative: it can be taken up in more than one way. In holding oneself in reserve, one seizes the initiative hidden within the opponent’s attack. This is called Go No Sen.

Emily Kane, 17, high school student, martial artist--when her family is shattered by covert operatives who attack their home, they go into hiding, but she refuses. She insists on staying behind, staying in school, confronting the people who attacked her family. She will do what it takes to wrest control of her life from the people seeking to destroy her.

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